OhMy! Designer Tool Kit OhMy!  Neon_Lighting Items

OhMy! Designer Tool Kit OhMy! Neon_Lighting Items

This product "OhMy! Neon_Lighting Items" was created to help designers make scenes that are truly eye-candy. Create scenes in Photoshop easily and use graphics for individual or commercial projects.

• All the items are in high resolution and rendered with the same settings so that you can easily create customized scenes. Just drag-and-drop.
• Use mockups to customize items rapidly. Smart objects allow changing an item’s design in just a few clicks.
• Use color masks with different materials to instantly change the color or fine tune the item’s contrast.

This is great for hero-header images, typography compositions, any print projects, branding presentations. You can also use any of these examples – all the scenes are included into our quick start pack.

Included in this set:

• Party items — make your scenes look festive
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